Construction- done right

Through the course of the hundreds of tiling jobs we have done, we've found that It's not too often a bathroom renovation can completely satisfy your vision without some building work- a new ceiling or cornice, a nib wall added, an old window removed and a new one installed..... the building work your bathroom renovation requires may be minor or major.


That's why we've been striving hard to become the sort of business that can complete all aspects of your bathroom renovation.



What we can do

As part of the bathroom renovations we have been doing over the years, we have found it beneficial to expand our skillset- from carpentry & masonry work, to concreting etc.


Accordingly over the years we have added to our tool collection all the items needed to undertake such work.


So whether you need a wall built, a new concrete slab poured, or even a door moved it's well within our ability.